What I Don’t Like About Online Psoriasis Communities

This post is not meant to down talk the wonderful people in psoriasis communities who genuinely are trying to help others.

Although I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for over a decade, I’m pretty new to the online psoriasis communities. Because I sort of gave up on healing my psoriasis condition long time ago, I didn’t pay much attention to them. Only recently I started reading online forums and discussion boards on psoriasis.

One of few psoriasis communities I visit regularly is Inspire.com About 40-50 new members register there daily and pretty much start with the same question; “How do I cure my psoriasis? help!” One thing I noticed was that there is a small group of people whose only mission is to spread negativity. Posts after posts, these people say there is no cure; Only after we die, we will be free from it.

It's sad to see the psoriasis communities filled with these people

It’s sad to see the psoriasis communities filled with these people

Yes, there is no magic pill that will cure psoriasis, but I’ve read enough stories about the people who are free from psoriasis simply by optimizing their lifestyle and throwing away bad eating habits.

We are too focused on covering the symptoms and the medications to go along with it.

There are thousands of discussions regarding medications and pills for psoriasis treatments. I just wish there are as many discussions on healthy lifestyle and how it can possibly help cure psoriasis. I’m starting to see more of people promoting healthy lifestyle as psoriasis cure. I really hope we shift our focus on the root of the problem, not the symptoms. Just a thought.

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