My Psoriasis Story

Hello. My name is John. Thanks for reading my blog. I’d like to take a moment to share my personal story about psoriasis condition on my hand and knee. Back in 1998, I injured my knee and hand while playing basketball. As a result, I had some skin damage on both kneecaps and my hands. I did not pay much attention to the injuries because they did not look too bad.

Few months later, my skin on right kneecap and my hands did not look right. The wound healed, but the skin color never came back to what it was like. The color of the skin on the injured area was RED! When the area was dry, it turned WHITE! with nasty white skin flakes all over it. I just thought the skin flakes were the sign of self-healing and waited and waited…

The sad thing is, it never came back. My skin never healed. Two winters went by, and the injured area got little bigger. During the dry season, my skin would crack and bleed. It was terribly painful.

Finally, I made an appointment with a dermatologist in 2000. After 10 minute meeting with my dermatologist, she prescribed a topical steroid cream. She told me it would heal my skin condition in no time because my condition was not that serious. Notice she never said a word about “Psoriasis”

Fun with Candice

One of my daughters favorite pictures; it could have been mine too. I’m just fixated on the ugly psoriasis on my hand…

The cream that was prescribed to me lasted about a month; nothing actually happened. It calmed down some itchiness on my hands, but that was about it.

The scary thing happened AFTER I stopped using the steroid cream. Just within a month, the size of scaly patch area doubled. It was expending fast. Only after few years later, I learned about a skin condition “psoriasis” I never heard about this condition, but after searching for various websites, I noticed my skin symptoms match the ones of psoriasis.

The more I learned about topical steroid cream and its effects, the less I liked it. I’ve read a number of complaint about it; making psoriasis worse. So I started testing various non-steroid psoriasis cures that I could purchase over-the-counter. Some worked OK on itchiness, but none actually healed psoriasis.

So here I am in 2012 with probably the worst condition of psoriasis I’ve ever had. No psoriasis treatments worked on me, but now I have two possible cures for my psoriasis that I want to give a try. One is changing my lifestyle by losing weight and being healthy. That is one that I came up with my self. If I can remember correctly, psoriasis got worse when I gained more weight over the years. During the last 10 years, I’ve gained around 50 pounds. I want to see if losing weight would help get rid of psoriasis. (This is my current focus)

Another possible cure for psoriasis is traditional Chinese medicine. I visited South Korea just a month ago to visit my mother-in-law. While staying there, I found there are so many Chinese medicine practitioners specializing curing psoriasis! I chose one that was in business for over 60 years and got their special extract solution, cream, and Chinese medicine. These were to help me get rid of psoriasis. They said I might be able to see the results within 6 months if I follow the instructions right. The only problem was that I was not able to follow their healing procedures because it involved visiting their clinic to get acupuncture treatments. I’m giving it a try, and I will blog about the process with pictures. I want to see if herbal medicine can actually heal psoriasis, which is known to have NO cure. Followed the instruction almost perfectly for over 8 months without any result to show. $600 wasted.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope that you bookmark my blog and come back to see if my condition is getting better.


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