Psoriasis Myth : Psoriasis Has Nothing to Do with What We Eat

The fact is it has A LOT to do with what we eat. I’ve been eating junk food and eating out more than usual during last two weeks. I think I ate about four meals from McDonald’s and two meals at Chik-fil-A. I ate a bag of plain bagels and dinner rolls. It’s been a stressful week because of my work, and my old habit of eating lots of bread came back.

Yes, I regret it deeply; I have no idea what was going through my brain. As you can see from the pictures below, psoriasis is having a field day. My skin is in painful condition because of cracks and extreme itchiness. Psoriasis spots are really thick and hard; which is followed by painful skin cracks.




What you see on the 3rd psoriasis photo of my left hand is where skin crack is happening. All those areas are about to crack open. Once it happens, it is so painful I can’t even touch water.

I was on a good track and the psoriasis spot was getting softer and my skin color was coming back in some areas. Because of my poor choice of food, it is ruined. I’m going back to clean eating and will be following more strict Paleo diet.

It wasn’t the weather either. It’s been warm last few weeks. The only thing changed was my diet; more meals from fast food joints and lots of bread.

It’s time to take out Neosporin and my favorite scar gel Mederma..

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