Psoriasis 2015 Update

I’m Back!

Sorry for not posting any updates for the last 2 years. Wow it’s been already 2 years since my last post. No excuses here. I was just caught up with big life events, mostly something to do with my work and business. Basically, I was jobless for a while. I closed my business as well. It was a big decision, but it had to be done to give myself some rest. My health was deteriorated to a point where I couldn’t work anymore.

I’ve been using various ointments on my hands and tried my best to get them stay moisturized. Psoriasis condition has gotten little worse, but definitely slowed down. I’m happy with that, because it’d gotten worse so fast in 2013 that I was expecting to see it spread on the entire surface of my hands by now. But it didn’t!

As you can see from the photos, psoriasis has spread a little wider on both hands in the last 2 years. Considering my bad eating habits and stressful life patterns, I should be thankful that it is not worse.

Every winter, I suffered from severe cracks on my hands, especially on psoriasis scars. But for some reason, I’ve not seen a single crack on my hands in the last winter! All I did was continue using sensitive skin lotion and apply MG217 when it was itchy. I’ve tried few new products, but they didn’t do anything.

I’ve gotten few emails about tar ointments and how those can cause skin cancer if used in excess. Thanks all for your suggestions and concerns. I’ve been reducing the use of MG217 slowly. I’m still exploring other options and medications. Please let me know if there’s a great product that worked for you. I want to try. Thanks again for your kind messages and encouragements.

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