People Who Cured Psoriasis

As my own motivation and to learn how other people have cured psoriasis, I will be collecting information on those who have successfully cured it.

Flax Seed and Psoriasis

by JoAnn from Yahoo! added on February 21, 2013

Learn how JoAnn cured psoriasis by using flax seed

Learn how JoAnn cured psoriasis by using flax seed

JoAnn have been living with psoriasis for most of her life and have tried just about everything she could find to rid of it without any success. One day at a grocery store, she read a book on different oils and what they can do to improve skin conditions. Thinking there was nothing to lose to try a couple of oils on psoriasis, she used flax-seed oil as psoriasis treatment experiment. Surprisingly, just in a month, her psoriasis was gone.

It’s been over 20 years since she cured psoriasis and still takes flax-seed oil now. You can read the entire story of how JoAnn stayed away from psoriasis successfully for over 20 years by clicking on the link on her name.

Guttate Psoriasis Almost Cleared Up!

by carebear3117 from added on February 21, 2013

Learn how carebear cured her 10 year old daughter's guttate psoriasis.

Learn how carebear cured her 10 year old daughter’s guttate psoriasis.

Carebear’s 10 year old daughter was suffering from guttate psoriasis. They met with a dermatologist and started using steroids which made it worse. She started researching on natural cures for guttate. Based on her research, she changed her daughter’s everyday diet by removing the followings: gluten, sugar, nightshade vegetables, red meat, pork, dairy, citrus. And she supplemented her diet using a multi-vitamin, extra calcium, omega 3, and more.

Lastly, she believes using glycerin treatment is responsible for psoriasis cure. She used UVB therapy 3 times a week and applied glycerin topically 1-2 times daily. Now her daughter is almost clean from psoriasis.

Done It! Finally It’s Gone!

by MrRock from added on February 21, 2013

How MrRock from UK cured psoriasis on his elbows

How MrRock from UK cured psoriasis on his elbows

MrRock shared an inspiring story of how he cured psoriasis on elbows by 99.9% He still has psoriasis patch on his leg, which is also diminishing, but his cure worked great on other affected skin. He’s been suffering from psoriasis for about 5 years, and like most of us, he tried almost everything. But the last one he tried worked! He used a homemade witch hazel cream. Witch hazel cream is widely used as an anti-aging regimen, and it has been used for hundreds of years for skincare. I honestly don’t know the science behind it, but because it uses a natural ingredient as its core ingredient, I will give it a try soon.

My “Cure” Still Working

by Jerry from

How Jerry Cured His Psoriasis

How Jerry Cured His Psoriasis

Jerry used a store brand scalp treatment shampoo called T+Plus. In his case, he’s been using FoodLion’s brand. He’s been suffering from psoriasis for over 30 years, but recently, he’s been psoriasis-free for over 2 years. All he did was apply little bit of the shampoo on his spots and leave it on for a while. It worked really well for him and other 20 people or so. The active ingredient of the shampoo is coal tar (2.5%) I’m using an ointment with 2% coal tar. Seems like I’m on the right path. Some warned that their skin was burned because of the shampoo. So do it carefully if you are thinking of doing it.

How I Cured My Psoriasis

by flozzie from

How flozzie cured his psoriasis naturally

How flozzie cured his psoriasis naturally

flozzie was diagnosed with psoriasis 13 years ago and he has tried all medicines including steroid creams. Nothing worked. Somone advised him to use slippery elm, pala indigo, shea butter and nivea petroleum jelly. After using these 4 ingredients, he’s been 100% psoriasis-free for about 2 years.


  1. Hi John,
    So grateful to have found a great positive P site & with a great title.
    PLZ note the spelling for the support site. That is no accident as they prey upon the sick and private messages are not private at all. No scruples . lol….
    Everything I experienced on that site was a nightmare. From censoring posts,replacing my words & links to clinical trials, to hiding the facts about the clinical studies.
    Adding insult to injury, the use of the private message option as a dating site. Sending provocative private messages as well as so many dishonest claims, lies & finally badgered off the site if not supportive of new bio drugs.
    Many times I found untruths posted by moderators on the success of clinical trials of the bio drug IL1-7, 23 and more. The proof is they have changed all the moderators posts from the original posts in a effort to cover up any irresponsible claims.
    Big pharma became their partners. As soon as that happened the P. Talking site became a drug site, and run by new moderators & minions poised to strike out at anyone who had a moral compass.
    That is only a small portion of my years on Inspyre. I became disillusioned as my spirit was broken too many times.
    I have had P for 55 years. Been in many support groups before the Internet. I have discovered thru 55 years of many studies on P there are many remission techniques without the risk of bio drugs. This experience has been proven to me that absolutely without a doubt a lesson in trust & abuse. Education in P “Rules”.
    Hope to see more on UR informative knowledgable site. The use of the creams on this site has helped many P suffers.
    Life is a Gift. As long as there breath there is hope.
    I really appreciate UR site. Peace & healing.
    Thank you, John
    ((Hugs)) CHOTTI

  2. Any follow up from Jo-Ann regarding the flax seed and the flax seed oil supplements? Sounds so good almost want to try this

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