Herbalind Glycerin Hand Cream Review

I started using Herbalind’s glycerin hand cream just few days ago. This hand cream is fantastic. I’ve used a great number of high-end hand creams before, but this is by far the best one I’ve ever used. There was a success story of a girl who cured psoriasis using glycerin. Inspired by the story, I’ve been searching for a hand cream with glycerin as its main ingredient.

I’m still using MG217 tar ointment on psoriasis spots, but I also needed a hand cream for general use. Herbalind glycerin cream is just perfect for that job;

  • Smells Awesome
  • Not Greasy
  • Tiny amount of cream is enough to cover both hands
  • Silky Smooth
  • Lasts Long Hours
Herbalind glycerin hand cream

Glycerin based hand cream – perfect for dry, chapped skin. I love it.

There will be an update on this product soon after a month or so.  I want to give it a solid month to see if glycerin based lotion is effective on psoriasis or not.  But for now, for my chapped hand, it is working really well.  If you want to give Herbalind hand cream, you can purchase it here.

Product Details

  • A proven formula for optimum care of rough, dry and chapped skin
  • Uses glycerin, vitamins A & E, and alpha hydroxy acids for restoring moisture
  • Uses Silicon (Dimethicone) to seals new-found moisture
  • Made in Germany
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  1. Dimethicone coats the skin as does mineral oil. It destroys the natural barrier function of your skin and prevents the release of toxins. Glycerine (unless advertised as vegan) is an ingredient from a rendering plant. Rendering plants receive contributions of road kill, diseased farm animals, old grease from restaurants, and euthanized pets and boil them down to make products such as glycerine and stearic acid, which are used by 97% of cosmetics companies. If you would like to test the effectiveness of pure, safe, and beneficial products that are vegan and formulated from botanicals, please email me. I would love to help you manage this condition!

    • Thanks for the information. Obviously, there are LOTS to learn and I probably know little. I will do more research on it.

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