Is Psoriasis Contagious?

How many times people asked you if psoriasis is contagious? I’ve been asked that question by almost all of my friends and families since a tiny psoriasis spot appeared on my hand. I always said “no” but I had no idea. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what I was suffering from. The only […]

What I Don’t Like About Online Psoriasis Communities


This post is not meant to down talk the wonderful people in psoriasis communities who genuinely are trying to help others. Although I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for over a decade, I’m pretty new to the online psoriasis communities. Because I sort of gave up on healing my psoriasis condition long time ago, I didn’t […]

Is This Parapsoriasis?

Looks like it's not getting better at all.  It looks just like psoriasis for sure..

About few months ago, my wife noticed a red spot on her forearm.  She got hurt on that spot about an year ago and for some reason, that scar was never healed.  She finally told me that something was wrong with her scar.  It looked just like psoriasis to me when I looked close to […]

Common Misspellings of Psoriasis – Soriasis to Psorasis

While researching psoriasis on the web, I found something interesting.  I was using a keyword research tool to learn what people are searching for through Google.  Here is the list of misspellings of psoriasis. Google Search Terms on Psoriasis (per month) soriasis – 12,000 psorasis – 2,400 psoraisis – 1,000 psiorasis – 880 psoariasis – […]

Understanding Psoriasis – What is Psoriasis?

Why Me! Yup, that’s what I’ve been feeling about my psoriasis all these years.  I really didn’t care about it when it was only a tiny spot on my hand.  Wait, it started from my kneecap.  My friends used call it a “button” because it was a perfect white circle  on my dark-skinned knee.  That […]