About BPA – Why BPA Free is Better

You may ask why about BPA on a psoriasis blog.  I was reading a number of blogs and books about psoriasis and found a link between psoriasis and leaky gut.  Then I did some research on leaky gut and found a link with paleo diet, hormonal imbalance and BPA.  Here is a infographic I’ve created for easier understanding.

Link between Psoriasis and BPA

Link between Psoriasis and BPA

After learning about Paleo diet and its link with gut health and autoimmune diseases, I came to a conclusion that there’s strong relationship between psoriasis and leaky gut. And one of the contributing toxins is BPA.

For that reason, I will be dedicating a section on BPA. I will gather as much information as I can find about BPA so that I can prevent it from entering my body. I know there are a lot of words thrown in this post, but I will explain and organize them better once I do thorough research on them.

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